Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much all you need to know has been covered here in our learn more, or “frequently asked questions” section. That being said, if you have additional questions that you cannot find the answer to here, then we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to speak with you and assist you in any manner we can. Thanks!

Important Note About Booking!

Minimum Maximum
Attic 3 8
Asylum 2 6

Note: Your game will NOT be confirmed until the player minimum is met. Please carefully read all automated response emails after making your booking to ensure you have booked the correct date and time and that you are confirmed for your game.”

What is an escape game?

It’s a game where you have to escape from a locked room full of puzzles. You’ve got one hour on the clock to make your escape.

Did you say “locked room”? Am I really locked in?

Yep! Don’t worry; we have staff monitoring to let you out after an hour (or in case of emergencies!).

What if I don’t escape? Am I locked in forever?

In an event that you don’t make it out, you do become a part of our game forever… Just kidding! Our staff will come in, explain how to solve the remaining puzzles if you would like so that you’re not left hanging, and then you’re free!

How do I reserve my spot?

You can make your reservation on our Bookeo calendar after choosing which game you want to try. Or give us a call at 850-209-8112 and speak to one of our staff.

What if I want to bring children? How old do they have to be?

There is no minimum age requirement, but ages 12 and above are recommended.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, all games require an advance reservation. If you would like to play the same day, please call us to check the availability.

Are walk-ins allowed?

If there’s availability! But it’s much safer to make a reservation in advance.

When should I make a reservation?

Whenever you like! However, if you’re looking for a weekend game, we recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance. If you’re looking for a weekday mission, 1-2 weeks in advance is best.

How do I make a reservation?

Please visit our Bookeo Calendar on the booking page for detailed instructions. Or give us a call and speak to one of our staff.

I made a reservation for my group of friends but we have another person who wanted to join last minute. Can they just come in with us?

Please give us a call and check if there are any openings. We’ll do our best to accommodate your group.

Only a couple of my friends agreed to get locked in with me. Can we still escape?

Yes you can! You would be making new friends with the other people who booked into the same game to make your escape.

What if I only want my friends/family in the room?

If you want to make it a guaranteed private game, you would need to purchase all the slots available for that specific game.

Are the games scary?

The Attic is fairly neutral themed and should be ok for all ages. (12 and up recommended) The Asylum has a bit more of a scary theme.

Something came up and we can’t make it for our reservation. What do we do?

Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. All sales are final so there will be no refunds. However, rescheduling can be processed up to 24 hours before your scheduled mission starts. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 850-209-8112 during business hours.

What are your business hours?

We are open from Open Tuesday — Sunday, however, games are available by appointment only. Please call 850-209-8112 for more information. Our hours range depending on the season. Please check our booking calendar for all available game times! For the link to our scheduling on Bookeo, click here.

Do I need to print out my confirmation email or my tickets?

Please give us a call to confirm that all your information is correct and then you won’t have to worry about bringing anything on the day of the game.

Where is Escape Manor located?

We’re located at 430 Harrison Ave in downtown Panama City, Florida. There’a a map on the home page, or on the contact page.

How’s the parking?

There’s ample street parking available in the front of the building on Harrison and lots behind the building as well.

When should we plan to arrive?

Please arrive and check in at our front desk 15 minutes before your game officially starts. That way you have time to use the restroom, we can explain the mission and answer any questions, and get you locked in.

How long is the game?

The game itself is 60 minutes. Please try to arrive 15 minutes before your game starts, and allot for an extra 15 minutes after just in case there are any questions. In short, prepare for about 90 minutes.

Is there a dress code?

Whatever you feel comfortable walking around in! You’ll be moving around as you look for your clues.

I like to document everything I experience. Can I take pictures?

Of course, but only in our waiting room. There is no photography or videography allowed inside the games. We want to make sure the mysteries are kept secret so everyone who comes has fun!

But I like taking selfies...

We’ve got an abundance of props and signs in the waiting room to have a photo session with. There are no selfies or pictures allowed inside our games.

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