What is an Escape Game?

An escape game is a live, interactive, hour of fun where groups of people are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and find clues to escape, all within 60 minutes! Work with your friends or make some new ones as you try to beat the ticking clock.

Game Descriptions

What is Escape Manor?

Escape Manor specializes in live escape games, providing you with the perfect environment to stimulate your mind while having fun. Put your minds together against our puzzles, and try to make your escape!

The Attic

A long time ago a young lady and a gentleman fell madly in love and they planned to be married. On the day of the wedding, however, the young gentleman was nowhere to be found.

The young bride to be, known now simply as the woman in white, was never able to move past that day and everyday for the rest of her life she would retreat into the attic wearing her wedding dress, surrounding herself with things that reminded her of her long lost love.

Finally, on the day of her death she locked herself in the attic. Mysteriously, her body was never recovered, and her spirit has been trapped inside ever since. It is your responsibility to follow the clues, and help her spirit finally Escape!

The Attic - Description

Escape to Panama City Escape Games

Help free a trapped soul in your exploration of the attic's secrets!

The Asylum

A sad, secret child birthed and raised inside the walls of the crumbling Asylum. Death and disappearances near the abandoned Asylum are shrouded in mystery. The community knows that something wrong is lurking in the darkness, luring in those foolish enough to come close. Victims are watched by someone or something closely for an hour… Can they escape? Can you??? Struggle to solve clues and plan your escape before you’re lobotomized, becoming a patient forever at the Asylum!

The Asylum - Description

Escape to Panama City Escape Games

Discover horrible secrets as you explore the innards of the Asylum!