Player Minimum/Maximum

Minimum Maximum
Attic 3 8
Asylum 2 6

Note: Your game will NOT be confirmed until the player minimum is met. Please carefully read and and all automated response emails after making your booking to ensure you have booked the correct date and time and that you are confirmed for your game. Thank You!


The Attic is a shared experience, meaning you might be playing with others outside your party, and it has a flat rate of $26/person. The Asylum is an exclusively private experience, meaning you are guaranteed to only be playing with your party, and its tiered pricing system is as follows:

6 players: 180/game (30/person)
5 players: 160/game (32/person)
4 players: 140/game (35/person)
3 players: 120/game (40/person)
2 players: 100/game (50/person) (great for a date night!)

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Open Tuesday through Sunday by appointment only.

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